How many types of websites are there?

The 9 most popular types of websites and what they include · 1.The most common types of websites are blogs, e-commerce sites, online wallets, and corporate websites, but there are several more. Knowing the differences between each type of website can help you understand which one you need for your business or project. A portfolio website may need an improved hosting service, such as cloud hosting, to cope with the amount of multimedia content on the site. You'll find that a website builder like Weebly is ideal for a landing page, just remember to keep the design simple and tidy.

To make things easier for you, we're proud to offer a customized tool that connects you with web design professionals based on the specific needs of your website. Optimized design occurs when a website reformats its design to clearly display the page on a different screen size. A website created with a fluid or liquid design ensures that the website looks the same in terms of proportions no matter what screen it is displayed on. Fortunately, website builders like Wix offer mobile-friendly themes, so you don't have to worry about optimizing your website.

The advantage of dynamic content web design is that it creates a more personal and interactive experience for the user; however, the disadvantage is that these websites are more complex to develop and can take a little longer to load than static sites. The content of these websites does not change or adapt automatically depending on the user, and is not updated periodically. If your target audience spends most of their time on mobile devices, then it's absolutely vital that your website is mobile responsive. In fact, a website with a responsive design will look different on each device; in fact, some less important elements will even disappear to fit on the screen, in order to minimize the need to zoom, pinch or scroll.

For most website projects, you can build with a self-made website builder, such as Shopify (if you want something specific to ecommerce) or Wix.

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