Is creating your own website hard?

Creating an effective website is hard work, at the very least it involves knowledge of design and SEO, and for this reason self-constructions are incredibly inefficient. Instead of spending all your energy creating a website, it's much better to spend your time on what you do best: running your business. The short answer to the question of whether it's difficult to create a website is that it varies from person to person. If you have coding skills, you can create a website from scratch using just a code editor and HTML, CSS, and JS libraries like Bootstrap.

However, this approach requires a lot of time, skill and experience. It is not common for professionals to excel in both aspects, since design is usually more oriented to creativity and programming is more oriented to analytics. Small businesses won't have to worry, especially if they're building their business website with a website builder, such as the one offered by GetResponse. WordPress is a free web application that anyone can use to create and manage websites very easily.

Watch the following video to learn what you can achieve with this new website builder and start creating a website for your small business today. It offers new templates and styles all the time to update your site with easy-to-use SEO tools and now it also has AI to create sites. So yes, creating a website with basic information can be quite easy, but once you start trying to make the website what you specifically want and, at the same time, it's still effective and polished, that's where it gets difficult to do it. All website builders allow you to create professional-looking websites thanks to their elegant templates and intuitive design tools.

Squarespace is the best design platform, allowing you to create truly impressive websites worthy of any web designer, and it offers a 14-day free trial. In addition to that, you can also have access to additional tools that will help you quickly migrate your current website (coming soon) and create color palettes based on your company logo. It's even very important to do your research, even if you're creating an information-only directory, such as a website for your local church. It depends on their general knowledge, the type of website they want to create, and the platform on which it will be based.

And if you want to use the website created within GetResponse with external platforms, you can do so through more than 100 ready-to-use integrations and through Zapier.

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