Is wix or wordpress more secure?

And you shouldn't have to worry about a lot of security issues if you use a good security add-on. Most importantly, unlike Wix, WordPress puts security in your hands. With WordPress, you have the ability to make your site as secure as you want. When you deliver a Wix site to a customer, you don't have to worry about providing ongoing support (you can simply tell your customer the address of the Wix support service).

As with many things on WordPress, more configuration is required to set up a multilingual website, so once again, the Wix option may appeal to beginners who need translation features. On the positive side, this means that you have the option of choosing an e-commerce solution that is 100% right for your site, but the downside (and as with many other things on WordPress) is that you have to configure a little bit (and an additional expense) before you start e-commerce. Wix works with a fairly large number of payment gateways, pieces of software that facilitate card transactions and that you can add to your online store (the exact number available depends on your location). But WordPress is getting better and better in this regard and it's not really difficult to edit a WordPress site.

When it comes to security, the story is the same, and some potential users may be reluctant to commit to Wix because of the design-focused approach they adopt on their platform. If you're building a WordPress site, you'll need to have the technical skills needed to build and maintain it in a way that ensures it's secure. If your main goal is to create an e-commerce website and you prefer to use a hosted solution like Wix instead of creating your own WordPress website, then Shopify is worth researching. And since making a site visible in search results is as much about researching keywords, creating great content and getting quality backlinks as it does with perfect technical SEO settings, it's possible to make a Wix site rank high in search results (in fact, Google says that Wix sites work well from an SEO point of view).

In addition to the Wix Editor and Wix ADI versions of Wix, some versions for “developers” are also available. Like Wix, it's a hosted solution, so it's easy to set up and includes a lot of built-in features, such as email marketing and e-commerce (and it comes with comprehensive support). As for hosted website builders, Squarespace is definitely worth a look, as it's a little more expensive than Wix and omits some of its more advanced features, but it's easier to use and its templates are fully responsive.

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