What are the 12 basic types of website?

Probably the first website you'll create as a designer will be your own portfolio website. Do you want to create a website but feel overwhelmed by the possibilities? The Internet is bigger than you can imagine and contains an endless number of websites competing for attention. When it comes to planning your own website, it's important to plan carefully what you're using it for: what's its purpose? What do you hope to achieve? — and select the type of website that best suits you. If you're wondering what we mean by “type of website”, you might be surprised to learn that there are so many options to choose from.

Let's take a look at the 12 popular types of websites so you can make an informed decision about what works best for you. A personal website doesn't necessarily exist to make money, although it can. It could simply be about making your ideas, thoughts, and general content known to the world. A personal website can contain a personal blog where you have the opportunity to monetize the site if you wish, as well as photos, vlogs, links to your social media platforms, etc.

A personal website can be a rewarding project and is a great way to represent yourself in the wide world of the Internet. When you use a website builder to create your site, you often see an e-commerce category; by selecting it, you can add a shopping cart to your website, where potential customers can use a credit card to purchase items in your store. There's a certain amount of setup involved with an e-commerce website, but it's usually quite simple, especially if you're using an e-commerce platform, many of which offer specialized website creation capabilities for the needs of online retail. Paying a monthly or annual fee to host on a platform where everything is available is a great way to set up your store quickly and easily without having to worry about too many technicalities.

Portfolio websites are extremely useful if you want to show examples of your work, all in one place. Portfolio websites are popular for any creator, whether an artist, photographer, journalist, or graphic designer. Having examples of your work in one place is a great way to show potential new clients what you're capable of, and you'd better believe that today, a prospective client will choose to work with someone who has an online portfolio that they can read through rather than someone who doesn't. Nonprofit websites are important to any charity.

It's an integral part of getting the word out about your cause so that the public can find and donate it. Having a non-profit website is your chance to explain what your non-profit organization consists of and what your cause of action is and, at the same time, let someone decide for themselves if they want to support it. It's a perfect way to reach as many people as possible and develop legitimacy as a charity. A business website is any website created to represent a company.

At a minimum, it includes what the company is about, what products and services it offers, and contact information. A business website can also act like an e-commerce website if it includes the option to purchase products, but it often provides more information about the company than a simple e-commerce website. An entertainment website exists solely for entertainment purposes. Successful entertainment websites are extremely popular and receive hundreds of thousands of views every day.

Entertainment websites seek to improve the reader's mood and have a little fun. A couple of great examples of entertainment websites are the immensely popular Buzzfeed and The Onion. Brochure websites are a type of business website, but they're much, much simpler. Basically, you're looking at a few pages of exactly what that company has to offer.

Brochure websites usually include an information page, a description of the products or services, possibly a photo gallery, and a contact page. This may be enough for your business, especially if you don't plan to sell your products or services online. Educational websites create a web presence for academic institutions or for anyone offering an online course. They can also offer educational materials to customers and can also be considered an e-commerce website.

Infopreneur sites are usually several types of websites in one. They are partly a commercial website, partly a personal website, partly an e-commerce store, partly a blog, and partly an education. They exist for a public figure to share their information in the form of e-books, tutorials, courses or videos. Infopreneurs often sell their teachings on their websites and offer a certain amount of free information.

Media websites aren't exactly entertainment websites; they exist primarily to inform the public about current news and events, rather than focusing on creating content for entertainment purposes. These include websites such as CNN, Daily Mail and Fox News. You can even create a membership site where the content isn't available all at once, but is published at certain intervals. This is known as a drip-down content website and membership website.

Unlike e-commerce websites that generate direct revenue, commercial websites act more like an informational site, focused on contributing to the long-term growth of the business than on making quick money with an online store. When representing your company online, a company's website should reflect your brand. Adding your brand logo along with a suitable color palette for web design is a good start. Build, brand and grow your business with Zyro Sites like Amazon and eBay are great examples of e-commerce websites, but your online store could be a much less corporate website.

With business models similar to those of physical stores, this type of website allows people to carry out the entire shopping process online. As researchers predict an increase in global e-commerce sales this year, e-commerce remains a promising way to establish successful small businesses. For the best performance, e-commerce websites must have features capable of supporting online transactions so that you can easily sell products. This type of website is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to expand their market or reduce production and operating costs.

The major e-commerce website creation platforms also make it easy to promote and integrate your e-commerce website into social media platforms. From selling physical goods and digital products to promoting services online, an e-commerce website can take your business to a whole new level. Personal blogs are places to share life updates, individual opinions and news online. The key features of a web portal depend on the organization that manages it.

For companies and organizations, a web portal is used for internal purposes and is useful for distributing work-related information among employees in the most efficient way. Meanwhile, universities such as Harvard and Stanford use web portals to facilitate communication between students and teaching staff and provide easy access to academic information and educational materials. Like businesses, these organizations benefit from having a non-profit website and a social media presence. What are the websites between e-commerce websites and commercial websites? Brochure websites are essentially an online version of a business brochure or brochure.

A brochure website provides visitors with a good overview of the company, its services and contact information. If you have a business, you need a website. If you want public exposure, you need a website. If you want to do just about anything in the 21st century, you need a website first.

Surprisingly, 60% of small businesses operate without a dedicated website, despite being the first port of call for most people interested in a company. Having a website gives you a 60% advantage over your competitors. Martina is an expert at writing about website building and e-commerce, but her real passion is helping others grow their small businesses online. From a strong brand to impactful marketing strategies, you can count on it for the best growth tricks.

In her spare time, Martina likes nothing more than a good ball of ice cream and a sweaty tennis match. Connect in less than 1 hour, it's easy with Zyro. Zyro is a powerful website builder that makes it easy for anyone to create a professional website or online store. Get your website online in less than 1 hour and use artificial intelligence tools to build your brand and grow your business.

They work as a directory for other websites and blogs, and set the tone for any content that is high-quality and worth reading based on the keyword you used in the search bar. E-commerce websites are designed to sell products or services online and offer online payment options. Those are the types of websites that make money. You know a solid e-commerce store because of its fast loading time, its fluid and interactive design, with easy and clear navigation.

The purpose of educational websites is to publish educational content through them, whether videos, courses or blogs. In addition to having your own website, you'll also need to activate your presence on popular social media websites, such as those mentioned above, to increase website visits and brand visibility. We'll talk more about this in a different topic. Nonprofit websites aim to provide information about a charity and a way for people to make donations.

While there are many different types of charities, they all need a platform to promote their cause and connect with potential donors. This is one of the most prominent types of websites because they offer money transfer services through local banks or banks that are not headquartered. While brochure websites may have had their heyday, these types of websites were popular during the dawn of the Internet. Niche sites are the ideal type of website to create if you want to focus on your audience or if you have an audience with a specific interest.

So, here are different types of websites to create, how they work, and how you can set one up with an example for each type of website. For this type of website to be successful, you must be willing to work and build a successful and well-known brand. They're the kind of websites you can create if you want to earn extra money or if you want to start a business. Take inspiration from other types of websites and combine entertainment with e-commerce, membership, wiki and forum websites, for example.

They're the kind of website you can create if you want to quickly share life updates with friends and family. Knowing the types of websites most used in the digital space and their purposes is the first step in deciding what type of website your company needs. Forums are ideal for creating a type of website for your next project if you need a simple and organized way to allow users to participate in open discussions in public. .


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