Is a wix website actually free?

Wix offers different ways to create your own free website, so you can choose the creation process that best suits you. Wix is a very attractive initial platform, since the basic offer is free. It's a very effective sales technique that attracts customers. Mailchimp uses a similar technique, but even Mailchimp doesn't allow you to access automated email sequences in its base offering; this is an essential part of email marketing.

Using absolute positioning means that while Wix claims to provide some responsive elements, you can't create a fully responsive website with Wix. However, Wix doesn't allow you to export your blog posts very easily (there isn't a dedicated export option and you may end up having to resort to an alternative solution that includes RSS feeds to get your blog content out of the platform). Wix is a little limited in what it allows you to do compared to WordPress, but what's up, not every company is going to need all the things that are missing here. As I said before, I don't create websites, so I haven't lost customers because of Wix, but I've helped a lot of people who have fallen short of creating sites without realizing the big picture.

If you use a Wix tool and they update it, they usually don't provide any tools to switch to the latest version. I can honestly say that my Wix website doesn't generate any business for me and I've had it for years. I think the problem with WIX is that it doesn't let users know that additional steps need to be taken to make your site searchable. Not all of Wix's major website building competitors offer phone support, such as Squarespace and Jimdo, so I give Wix the thumbs up for doing so.

Designed to compete with Shopify's “ready-to-use” POS platform, it aims to “unify” online and in-person selling through Wix. For example, Wix claims that it integrates with your Zoom account so that you can create WixEvents that automatically generates Zoom webinars. If your main interest is selling online, then BigCommerce or Shopify are likely to meet your needs considerably better than Wix. Yes, it's totally true that Wix is very expensive when you lose customers due to the bad experience with your website, since it's slow on the mobile version, sometimes the content isn't available to view, etc.

So what do I do if I already have a Wix website (hosted somewhere else, but designed with Wix) that I want to update? Unfortunately, the person who had my job before me didn't read your article, so I was stuck with a Wix site that I now have to find a way to manage and that needs a LOT of work.

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