What are 5 characteristics of a good website?

Avatar New York 42 Broadway New York, NY, 10004. These are 12 essential features of an easy to use website. There's nothing more annoying for website visitors than a website that takes a long time to load. In fact, slow speed is one of the main reasons why visitors leave a website. Ensuring that your website loads within 4 to 6 seconds is important for good usability.

It also affects your search engine rankings. More information and annotation validation tools can be found on the W3C website. Website usability plays a vital role in the success of a website. Good usability helps provide a perfect experience for visitors and improves your chances of success.

It's one of the factors that differentiates a professionally designed website from the rest. Below are 11 usability features that every website should display. It can help make your website a success. Use multimedia to entertain and illustrate your potential customers.

An animated banner, an attractive video, or interactive content will increase your site's interest rate and keep your visitors for longer. BUT, don't force your visitors to put up with something that doesn't interest them or that they don't have time for, and don't let rich multimedia content overwhelm the rest of your content. Don't neglect your HTML content for reasons of showmanship. Search engines don't have ears and can't read Flash, JavaScript, or even PDF files.

If you already have a website or are planning to develop one in the near future, it's important that you understand the features that can make your online investment effective or not.

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